Best Spin Bikes 2017 - Buyer's Guide

I'll be honest with you. The best spin bikes can be expensive. VERY expensive.

best spin bikes

I started indoor cycling after I damaged the meniscus in my right knee while foolishly charging down a gigantic mountain (See picture to the right). Needless to say my knee hates me now and holds an intense and abiding grudge.

I would spin at my local globo gym every day and learned to love it! It was really difficult giving up ​the hardcore hiking I did before my injury but spinning kept my mood elevated. 

I recently started working from home full time and wanted a quick, convenient cardio option to pump blood to my brain during the word day. I immediately began investigating getting a personal spin bike to put next to my desk. So started a researching the best possible spin bike for my needs and ended up getting the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901. VERY affordable and mechanically sound. Also extremely popular on Amazon. 

But while I was researching which bike to buy I learned a ton in the process and figured I'd put together this buying guide. I hope you find it useful!

Best Spin Bikes 2017 - Comparison Table

View the full spin bike reviews comparison table here.

For the most part, the spin bikes you find in gyms are $1500 or more for regular folks like us to buy. This is a big problem if you ask me.

Fortunately there are many lower cost options that provide a good enough experience and workout to satisfy those of us with lower budgets.

In this Buying Guide we will cover the best spin bike options in three different price ranges:

  • Best Spin Bikes Under $500
  • Best Spin Bikes Under $1000
  • Best Commercial Spin Bikes ($1000+)

We've also included a number of other relevant sections for people that are shopping specifically for the best commercial spin bikes, spin bikes for home gyms, and spin bikes with monitors.

This Buying guide is not meant to be read straight through. Use the Table of Contents in the sidebar to jump to the sections of the guide that are most relevant to you.​

Look for two important sections on each review: "Who should NOT buy this bike" and "Who SHOULD buy this bike". In these sections we break down what kind of shopper is most likely to be dissatisfied with the bike and what kind of shopper will be very pleased with the purchase

Based on the complaints, and the praise each bike receives we've determined what kinds of people will be most satisfied with the purchase of each bike, and which people should avoid that bike, along with suggestions for which bikes would better fit their budget, personality, and cycling level.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Spin Bike

Although there are many spin bikes on the market today, choosing one doesn't have to be difficult. Spend a few minutes thinking though these factors so that you make the best decision for your needs. You may even find that the best option is to simply hold off for a while and continue cycling at your gym.

Spin Bike Parts & Warranty

If you decide to buy a spin bike over $500 you should definitely make sure it comes with a warranty. With bikes priced as high as $2500 an iron-clad warranty should be expected. You don't want to spend 6 months on a spin bike the price of a small used car only for some essential part to break and find yourself left out to dry by the manufacturer.

Make sure your warranty will at least cover the cost of parts, even if they don't have the part on hand if they've discontinued the bike for some reason.

Spin Bike Adjustments

You'll want to make sure the spin bike you buy will adjust to a comfortable position for you. I've had enough experience on spin bikes to know that some just aren't a very good fit for me.

I recommend spending some time on different spin bikes to get a feel for what you like, and for how your body most comfortable fits on a spin bike. Try out a couple gyms for example. Go to a local indoor cycling studio and ask to try out the spin bike. You'll also get great advice from any spinning intrsuctors you happen to meet!

Cycling clothing

If you haven't spent much time on a bike specifically for exercising you may be in for a bit of surprise. Without the proper clothing intense cycling can cause painful chafing and sores.

Make sure you have stretchy, well-fitting clothing to avoid this common issue with novice cyclists.

Cycling Chafing Cream

On top of getting the right clothing for cycling, you will very likely need to get some lubricant for the pelvic region. A lot of people tip toe around this subject but here we just come out and say it. When your legs are moving back and forth vigorously for a long time, the chafing caused in your crotch can be very painful and keep you from doing as much cycling as you would like.

The solution is to get a good chamois cream or even some simple vaseline to keep your whole crotchal region lubed up and running smooth so you can ride for as long as you want without it getting too painful.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike - SF-B901 Review

Whether you are new to spinning or are a spinning enthusiast, the SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a cycle that works for all experience levels. This bike is produced by Sunny Health & Fitness, a top distributor of quality health and fitness equipment. With the Sunny Health & Fitness reputation, you know you’re purchasing a quality cycle, and as a bonus, this model is offered at a fraction of the cost of most spin cycles.

What We Didn't Like

1. Lacks accessories

The SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a bare bones spin cycle with no extras. It is ready to ride once you have assembled it, but reviewers complain that it does not have the common accessories that are normally included with even the lower end bikes. Notably missing are a water bottle holder, a magazine holder, a heart rate monitor and a cycle computer.

2. Uncomfortable seat​

One of the most common complaints seen in the negative reviews is the construction of the seat on this bike. Although the seat is fully adjustable, both front to back and side to side, it lacks in comfort. Some reviewers report that it takes some time to get used to this type of bike seat, but others maintain that it is more uncomfortable than a typical spin cycle seat and opted to replace it.

3. Pedal issues

Quite a few problems were noted in regards to the pedals. The issues with pedals included pedals bending, breaking and just falling off. In particular, many people had trouble with the left pedal, possibly because of the reverse threading that is standard on the left side.

When customer service was contacted about these issues there was little help offered. The common response was to suggest the user purchase a replacement part and those who purchased replacement parts stated they were costly and did not come with instructions.

Another complaint with the pedals was the size of the toe cage because it does not easily accommodate a larger shoe size. If you have a wide foot it will be a tight fit and your foot will be uncomfortable during your ride. Those with a longer foot will find they may not be able to get enough of their foot into the short cage and their foot will constantly slip out.

4. Not suitable for short people​

​People under 5’5” could not reach the pedals with the set-up of the seat post. It is possible to drill extra holes to accommodate shorter people but this is an extra step not everyone is capable of completing.

What We Did Like

1. Mechanically sound

​Users praise the SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike because of its mechanical simplicity. It has a sturdy chain drive that requires little maintenance. There are no electrical parts to malfunction and this ensures a long life with few potential parts to malfunction.

2. Value without sacrificing quality​

​Similar bikes can be found in sporting goods retail stores at an average price anywhere from $400 to $1000 for a bike of this quality. Bikes at this price are usually found in bargain retail stores and the lack of quality is apparent in the bikes on display. Reviewers report being impressed with the quality of the bike out of the box. The parts are sturdy and well made. Many reviewers added that after months of heavy use the bike was still performing as well as it had when it was new.

3. Easily customizable​

Because this is a quality bike at an excellent price, many reviewers reported purchasing it so they could customize it using the money they saved. It is very basic and does not come with accessories or expensive parts. Users frequently swapped out the toe clip pedals for the more popular clipless pedals that are compatible with cycling shoes. There is no water bottle cage or cup holder but users found these were easy add-ons. Another common upgrade is a cyclometer. Often the ones that are included with spin bikes are cheap and lack the features that come with an after-market computer. Finally, the uncomfortable seat is a big complaint that is easily remedied with a more comfortable seat of your choice.

The bike itself is fully adjustable to help accommodate different body types and sizes. The seat post is adjustable for a maximum inseam height of 41 inches and a minimum of 28.5 inches. The handlebars are on a moveable stem that can be raised and lowered.


  • Mechanically sound
  • Value without sacrificing quality
  • Easily customizable


  • Lacks accessories
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Pedal issues
  • Not suitable for short people

Who should NOT buy this Spin Bike?

People looking for a bike loaded with accessories should look elsewhere. While the frame and main components like the flywheel and chain drive are durable and sturdy, the bike lacks any extras including something as simple as a water bottle holder. While you can still get a great workout on this bike, you are going to have to do some additional shopping to make it feel like you’ve got all the comforts of a standard gym spin cycle.

Short people may want to find a more accommodating bike as many reviews complained that despite the adjustable seat post, it would not go low enough for those under 5’5”. If you aren’t comfortable drilling extra holes in the post, which may void the warranty, it’s advisable that you find a bike designed to fit someone of your height.

Who SHOULD buy this Spin Bike?

If you are looking for a quality bike at a value price, don’t pass up the SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. This bike provides a solidly built foundation that you can customize with the accessories you want, allowing you to build your dream bike without breaking the bank.

It’s mechanically simple so there is little that can malfunction, meaning once you get your bike set up with upgrades you know that it will bring you many years of cycling pleasure.

Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle Review

Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle is a popular option for indoor bike training. Bladez Fitness is a leading manufacturer of both road and indoor cycles; they’ve been making bikes since 1909 and are one of the leading manufacturers of indoor cycles.

With this spin bike, you’ll get a great cardio workout without having to go to the gym and without breaking the bank. Appropriate for beginners and serious cyclists, this bike has a modern design, smooth flywheel and many extra features.

What We Didn't Like

1. Shipping Issues

There were varied issues in regards to shipping. Some purchases reported missing washers and stabilizers as well as damaged parts. Due to the extent of issues, one reviewer suspected he was actually shipped a used bike. It is unclear if the issues were due to poor shipping practices or actual manufacturing issues.

Other reviewers reported having issues trying to return bikes that were unsatisfactory. A return shipping receipt is not included or offered when problems arise. The cost to return the bike for a refund can be upwards of $100.

2. Lacking in quality and durability

Most of the complaints were in regards to quality and durability. Many of these complaints involved issues with the seat. Some reviewers found the seat to be uncomfortable and unstable while riding. Others complained that is not adjustable for all sizes and if you are short you may have trouble reaching the handlebars. Yet another reviewer reported that the seat post broke during use. A common and simple fix for the comfort issues of the seat is to purchase a padded or gel seat cover or wear cycle specific shorts that include a padded section.

Other quality issues had to do with noise because it is a chain-driven cycle which means a small amount of noise is to be expected. Some reviewers noted that the wheel can become noisy when the tension is adjusted to higher levels.

3. Poor customer service

When customer service was called, little was done to troubleshoot or try to remedy the problem and a replacement or refund was not offered. The seller’s policy would only allow customer service to offer help if a receipt could be provided.

What We Did Like

1. Easy to assemble

Almost every reviewer mentioned how easy it was to assemble this bike. The bike and parts are well packaged. All of the tools needed to put it together were included. Many people reported that it was easily assembled in under thirty minutes. Because of the way the frame is constructed, most of the bike is already assembled and there is very little work required to get the bike ready to ride. Unlike some of the heavier bikes, it does not require a second person to help with lifting and holding.

2. Great for all fitness levels

People of all fitness levels have reviewed this bike and gave it high ratings. Some of the reviewers were just beginning their fitness journey and appreciated the simplicity of this bike and the lack of skill required to get an effective workout. Others were seasoned cyclists who have participated in spin classes or ride road bikes. Even the experienced cyclists were impressed with the quality of this spin bike and its ability to provide an intense workout.

3. Convenient to store and move

Many reviewers were impressed with the relatively small size of the Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle and its portability. Its dimensions are 47.5 x 20 x43 inches and it weighs considerably less than commercial bikes, weighing in at a mere 85 pounds. It has ball bearing transport wheels, allowing you to easily tip and roll it when it needs to be moved.

4. Quiet

A common complaint with spin bikes in this price range is the noise level. Although there were a few negative comments about noise, for the most part, reviewers found this bike to be relatively quiet and did not cite noise as a common complaint. It is a chain driven bike and most reviewers noted that while it did make some noise, it was not excessive or disturbing.

If the bike does begin to make noise, reviews state that wiping down the wheel and the chain will usually solve the problem.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for all fitness levels
  • Convenient to store and move
  • Quiet


  • Occasional problems with shipping
  • Lacking quality and durability
  • Poor customer service

Who should NOT buy this Spin Bike?

There were some quality and customer service issues reported with this spin cycle. If you expect a high level of customer service to come with your purchase, this bike might not be what you are looking for.

While there were many more positive reviews than negative ones, you may find yourself with an issue and no resolution. Do not purchase this bike if you want an easy return process in the event you are unhappy with the product.

Who SHOULD buy this Spin Bike?

With the average price for this bike falling under $300, the Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle is an excellent value for your money. The average review is between four and five stars, which a majority of the purchasers being very pleased with the ease of assembly and quality of the workout provided.

It is important to note that even most of the positive four and five star reviews included comments about the seat being uncomfortable. Keep in mind, if you decide to purchase this bike that it is very likely you may end up wanting to replace the seat or buy some type of seat cover to improve the comfort level.

Even with the low price tag, the Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle doesn’t skimp on the extras. This cycle comes with racing style handlebars, a water bottle holder, heavy duty frame, and an LCD computer that tracks time, speed, distance and calories burned.

If you don’t need a commercial grade bike, but want quality and durability for under $500, this bike delivers a quality workout.

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Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycling Bike Review

The Schwinn Fitness AC Performance Plus is a high end indoor cycle for cyclists that want a luxurious riding experience, and are willing to pay for it.

The Schwinn brand is world renowned and while this bike does have some issues most people who own this bike absolutely love it. 

Because of the high price though there are some issues that stick out more than usual.

For such a high price many customers wish that the assembly instructions that come with this spin bike are clearer, and easier to understand and follow.

That said, if you've got the budget and want an absolute dream of a ride then this Schwinn should be in your top 3. 

What We Didn't Like

1. Bad assembly instructions

Customers reported that the instructions that come with the Schwinn AC Performance Plus are difficult to decipher and can cause a lot of frustration. For example some of the instructions being out of order causing you to disassemble and reassemble properly. If you decide to go with this Schwinn then make sure you read through the instructions before beginning the actual assembly.

So, we recommend either paying extra to have a professional assemble it or just be prepared to make adjustments if necessary.

2. Friction, noise from improper assembly

Associated with the bad instructions are the consequences of bad instructions. When put together improperly, the bike will tend to scrape and have friction, for obvious reasons. Even some of the more positive reviews mentioned that they had to make some adjustments to the bike to get it running smoothly.

3. No free wheel option

Some users lamented that the Schwinn didn’t have a free wheel option to better simulate a true road bike. For the price they said they expected functionality like that. So if you want to be able to pedal hard in short bursts and then coast look elsewhere.

What We Did Like

1. Above average Q-Factor (170)

For those concerned about Q factor (and you probably should be), the Scwhinn Carbon Blue has a moderate Q factor coming in at 170mm. While not ideal (ideal is typically in the 150-60mm range) it still is much better than the Keiser bikes which have Q-factors in the 190mm range.

A high q-factor makes for bad biomechanics for cycling, which in this case can lead to knee issues long term.

2. High quality riding experience

Because the Scwhinn is at 170mm though you should have a comfortable, safe long term spinning experience.

3. SPD compatible Pedals

The Schwinn Performance Plus Carbon Blue comes with SPD compatible pedals so that you get an experience closer to your road bike. These pedals allow you to clip in, rather than just have straps that go over some tennis shoes.


  • Above average Q-factor (170)
  • High-quality riding experience
  • SPD Compatible Pedals


  • Bad assembly instructions
  • Noise from improper assembly
  • No free-wheel option

Who should NOT buy this bike?

If spending a lot of money on a spin bike that has bad instructions, and may require some adjusting is a big turnoff then avoid this bike. While many others have had great experiences with this bike, if this is an issue for you then we recommend going with a different bike

Who SHOULD buy this bike?

If you’re a fan of Schwinn’s cycling technology, and you’re willing to make some mechanical adjustments if necessary, the you will probably love this bike. It is made of very high quality parts, provides an amazing, smooth, quiet, futuristic feeling ride.

One customer said it felt like riding in outer space it was so smooth and quiet. Because this Schwinn uses magnetic resistance it will last much longer, and remain quiet and smooth.

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

The Keiser M3 Indoor Spin Bike is a premium bike at more than 3x the price of many other spin bikes available today. While its high price does indicate a very high quality, this bike certainly isn’t for everyone.

I have personal experience with Keiser M3's because a couple of the gyms I've been a member of have them available.

I love the ride and the computer is AWESOME for tracking workouts. In fact I think that's my favorite part of this spin bike. The computer kept me coming back again and again.

The casual cyclist with a large budget should strongly consider this Keiser.​

What We Didn't Like

1. High Price

The price of the Keiser M3 is in the highest 3 of the spin bikes we’re covering in this guide. You can typically find a price between $1500 and $2000. Understandably a lot of customers are put off by this price, but still end up purchasing it because they’re looking for the highest quality spin bike they can get. For most people it is the right price, but a handful of customers didn’t think this bike warranted the premium pricing.

2. Bad fit for shorter people

The design of the Keiser M3 is fairly unique in the spin bike market. Keiser will promote it’s design as an entirely positive feature, however for many shorter customers the deisgn produces an awkward, uncomfortable fit.

Take a look at the photos and you’ll see that in order to raise the handle bars the also mut be extended away from the seat and pedals at a diagonal. For those shorter people this causes them to have to adjust the seat, taking their hips and legs out of proper pedaling position, and causing them to arch their backs into a C shape. Many also reported having to lock out their elbows just to get the length they needed to grab the handlebars.

All these adjustments resulted in bad experiences for these customers. So if you’re short we recommend steering clear of the Keiser M3 and take a closer look at the standard designs that are more capable of accommodating shorter people.

3. High Q Factor (not good for serious cyclists)

The Q factor of the Keiser M3 is quite high. ONe customer measured it around 195. The Q factor is the distance between the points where the pedals attach to the crank when the cranks are parallel to the ground.

Typically a lower Q factor allows for more efficient pedaling, and a lower risk of injury, while higher Q-factor is less efficient and carries a higher risk of injury due to more knee variability. If you’re a serious cyclist, you likely know to avoid high q factor cycles.

4. No Pins - safety concern

Most spin bikes come with pin adjustments. The Keiser M3 does not use pins to set the seat and handlebars. Instead it is a pressure system where you twist a knob tightly in order to keep the bars and seat in place.

This presents some safety issues. Sever customers noted that because they weren't pins the knob loosened to the point that the seat dropped causing quite a start! One customer told of how a friend in spin class had that issue and injured her knees badly because her feet were clipped into the pedals when her seat dropped.

While it is important to notice that it is only a small minority of customers that have this issue it’s something to consider. Pin adjustments, while presenting much less flexibility in terms getting just the right position, are also much safer.

What We Did Like

1. Easy to Assemble

Most positive reviewers mentioned how easy the Keiser M3 is to assemble. You can expect it take between 30 and 60 minutes to put together. It requires a couple a phillips screwdriver, an allen wrench and an adjustable wrench to assemble.

2. Smooth, quiet, stable

Again, most customers mentioned how remarkably smooth, stable, and quiet this bike is. Most lower priced spin bikes use different technology for resistance, the magnetic resistence used in the Keiser M3 is so quiet you can barely hear it over your breathing. This is huge plus to most people and definitely to us!

3. Magnetic resistance

The magnetic resistance is a big bonus because instead of feeling like you’re pedalling while braking like most spin bikes do, most customers describe it like riding uphill. If the sensory experience of riding it important to you then you’ll love the magnetic resistance.

4. Great computer

The computer that comes with the bike is very accurate, and allows you to see your level of resistance unlike most spin bikes. For example, you can choose to ride for 5 minutes at a level 12, and then bump it up to 20 for 30 seconds, and then back down to 9. In our opinion this is a really underrated feature of the Keiser M3. It allows you to build a game like mental framework for your cycling workouts, instead of just guessing at a resistance using the more typical twisting knob.

5. No maintenance

Because of the very high quality of the materials and design, you will not need to worry about maintenance. This is a spin bike built to last, with no parts that are likely to break. The primary reason for this is the magnetic resistance instead of the typical braking resistance. The silicon brakes on lower quality spin bikes are far more likely to break quickly.

6. 3 year warranty

The Keiser M3 comes with a 3 year warranty to put your mind at ease. If anything breaks the parts or entire bike will be replaced free of charge.

7. Made in the USA

If you purchase any Keiser bikes you’re supporting a US based company. We’re in the US ourselves so we support this BIGLY. While the price is high you can count on very high quality.

8. Great customer service

If you need new parts for any reason, or have any questions, you won’t have any problem getting in touch with real people at Keiser you can help you quickly. They’re a small personal company that treat their customers well.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth, quiet, stable
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Great computer
  • No maintenance required
  • 3 year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Great customer service


  • High price
  • Bad fit for shorter people
  • High Q-factor
  • No pins - safety concern

Who should NOT buy this Spin Bike?

Do NOT purchase this bike site unseen if you’re short. We strongly recommend you seek out a Keise M3 in person, and testing it out before making the decision to buy. YOu may find that it’s bad fit for your body type. And we certainly wouldn’t want anyone sorely disappointed in a purchase of this magnitude.

For experienced, or professional cyclists, consider the higher Q-factor before purchasing this spin bike. While it does have great reviews, you may find that it disturbs your form quite a bit, and may cause problems for you when you hit the open road.

Who SHOULD buy this Spin Bike?

If you’re a casual cyclist that absolutley LOVES top quality products then the Keiser M3 should be in your top 3. If quiet cycling is a priority, and you’re allergic to maintenance and repair (many of us are, no shame 😉 then you should strongly consider purchasing the Keiser M3.

With a near 5 star rating on Amazon you very likely will not be disappointed.

Star Trac Spinner Blade Review

The Spinner Blade Commercial Spin Bike, manufactured by Star Trac, is a high quality, commercial bike offered at a reasonable price. This bike is often seen in gyms that offer spin classes and those who have fallen in love with it at the gym frequently purchase it for home use. With very few complaints, this might just be the bike you’ve been looking for.

What We Didn't Like

1. It's not cheap

​This is a commercial grade bike and comes with a higher price tag than some of the spin cycles made by other manufacturers. The lowest price we found was right around $1500 (not including shipping), which may be a little pricey for someone just getting into spinning. Many of the consumers who purchased this bike were regular spinners who have used this bike in class. Based on their experiences they were impressed with the overall quality and performance at the gym and felt the high price tag was worth the investment for home use.

2. Difficult to assemble​

There was some debate about the ease of assembly for the Spinner Blade Commercial Spin Bike. One reviewer commented that it was necessary to hire a bike mechanic to put the bike together. Others noted that the manual was sufficient and supplemental videos could easily be found online.

At close to 130 pounds, it was reported that part of the issue with assembly was due to the overall weight and size of the bike.The flywheel alone weighs in at almost 50 pounds and the fully assembled bike is 40” high, 21” wide, and 56.5” in length. It is highly recommended that you have a second person available to help with assembly.

It does come with all of the tools necessary for assembly with the exception of a soft mallet.

3. Bike arrived damaged​

​One reviewer received a damaged bike and returned it for a replacement. Unfortunately, the second bike arrived damaged as well. It was unclear if the damage was due to manufacturing issues or shipping issues.

What We Did Like

1. The Spinning name is synonymous with quality

Almost every review of the Spinner Blade Commercial Spin Bike made note of the high quality that Start Trac is known for. As a reputable company that produces commercial grade spin cycles, many people are aware of the Spinner Blade name because of its popularity it gyms. Users cited that their decision to purchase this particular model was because they had previous experience riding the bike at their local gym. Because the bikes hold up well with the high-volume use in a gym setting, people felt that this bike was a good investment for home use.

2. Fully adjustable​

While some bikes may not work for people who are very short or extremely tall, the spinner blade is completely adjustable. The saddle and handlebars are also fully adjustable with locking pins for security.

This bike is ergonomically designed and with the available adjustments, can be made to fit almost any body shape or size. It can accommodate people from 4’10” all the way up to 6’10”. The maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds.

3. Long lasting​

​Many reviews commented on the aluminum frame which is rust resistant and also helps to reduce the overall weight of the bike. Not only does the aluminum frame look good, but it contributes to the life of the bike. It’s easy to maintain – simply wipe it down after each workout. Because of the high quality and longevity, it was noted that this bike has a high resale value.

4. Preferred over other brands​

​Some of the reviewers had experience with other brands of spin cycles and felt this was the best value for the price. Not only did they appreciate the high quality and smooth ride, this bike has many extras including an extensive warranty policy. It also has well-placed water bottle cages, custom dual-sided SPD pedals, transport wheels, a computer to track your workout and includes 4 spinning DVDs.


  • High quality, great brand
  • Fully adjustable
  • Long lasting
  • Customers preferred Spinning brand over competitors


  • It's not cheap
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Bike arrived damaged

Who should NOT buy this Spin Bike?

If you have never taken a spin class, this may not be the bike for you. The reviewers who preferred this bike all had experience with multiple brands before making their purchase decision.

While this is not one of the most expensive spin bikes out there, it does come with a hefty price tag and is not an entry level offering. If you do not have spinning experience you may not want to start with a commercial grade bike. Instead, it might be wise for you to take some spin classes before investing in a bike of this quality.

Another consideration is the weight. If you do not have someone who can help you with assembly, you should consider hiring a bike mechanic for assembly and this will add to your overall cost. Also, if you plan to move the bike when not in use, the weight could be an issue.

Who SHOULD buy this Spin Bike?

If you are an experienced spinner, looking for a gym quality bike for your home, you will not be disappointed. Almost every review of this bike was exceptionally positive. Although it comes with a high price tag, you’ll appreciate the quality and good looks of this high-end machine. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that if you tire of spinning or decide to try a different bike, this one holds its resale value.

For a home exercise machine, the Spinner Blade Commercial Spin Bike offers it all, from quality to convenience. Its user-focused features allow you to adjust it to get a precise and custom fit. The computer and spinning DVDs are just what you need to motivate you and help you continue to build up your fitness levels. If you’re serious about your spinning and want to invest in a bike that is built to last, this is the bike for you.

Ironman Fitness Triathlon X-Class 510 Review

The Triathlon X-Class 510 is very well-regarded spin bike under $1000. There are some design issues that customers point out but over all those who own this spin bike rate it highly and recommend it to others. 

One of the coolest features of this spin bike is that it comes with an iPad app to track your workouts. However the app doesn't come without some flaws.

For the price this spin bike also provides a smooth quiet ride a lot like the high end commercial spin bikes available.

What We Didn't Like

1. Monitor battery issues

The computer that comes with the Triathlon X-Class 510 has battery problems. Some customers reported that it drained the batteries too quickly or that there might be a larger electrical problem. That being said most reviewers were totally happy with the computer functionality. Just something to keep an eye out for if you do purchase this bike.

2. Handlebar issues for tall people

A couple taller customer complained about the handlebars not fitting well with their preferred styl of cycling. The bars come with elbow pads so that it’s comfortable to lean into, however those are in just the wrong position for some people.

3. iPad app resets progress if you take a break

According to one customer the iPad app that comes with this Ironman bike resets the workout if you need to take break for any reason. This can definitely be frustrating, however if you don’t take breaks in your workouts then it won’t be any problem at all.

4. Bottle holder in the way of computer

Oddly, the water bottle holder is positioned right in front of the computer. So if you decide to make use of it it may obstruct your view of the computer’s monitor. A few customers have mentioned that this can be a bit annoying, understably.

5. Issue with handlebar slide being bent

A few customers reported that a piece of the bike designed for the handlebars to slide onto was bent, preventing the handlebars to properly secured to the rest of the bike. It seems that this was a bad batch from the factory and has since been resolved, however it doesn’t speak well at all to Ironman’s quality control.

6. Overpriced

At the time of this review, the IronmanX-Class 510 is priced under $1000. It’s MSRP comes in at $1299 though, and some users have expressed concern for paying too much. While this bike is still quite a bit less than the highest priced, highest quality bikes, they compare it to similar quality spin bikes that are a few hundred dollars less. You may find a better spin bike for the money elsewhere.

What We Did Like

1. Easier to assemble than Ikea furniture

As with most spin bikes, the Ironman X-Class 510 is fairly simple to assemble, even easier than putting together IKEA furniture! All the tools required to put it together come in the packaging. It is big and bulky, and there some heavy pieces, like the fly wheel, so we recommend getting someone to help out.

2. SPD compatible. Hybrid pedals

A feature that will please more serious cyclists are the hybrid pedals. These pedals allow for you to strap in and use tenis shoes, or use clip in SPD style pedals. More than a few customers loved this feature.

3. Quiet like very high end bikes

Like the highest quality spin bikes ($1500+) the Ironman Triathlon X-Class 510 is very quiet and smooth. While it does have it’s downsides which we’ve listed above, this certainly isn’t one of them. It stable, produces little noise, and simply put, feels very high quality.

4. Comfortable saddle

In contrast to cheaper spin bikes this bike has a very comfortable saddle. Comfortable enough for many customers mention how surprised they were with it. Saddles can be very subjective. What works for some cyclists doesn’t work for others, but this Ironman spin bike got consistent praise for its comfortable saddle.

5. Handlebars can be adjusted up and down, but also forward and backward

Most lower end spin bikes are designed to adjust vertically, but not horizontally. This bike allows for 4 direction adjustments: Up, down, forward, and backward. This obviously makes it much easier to get the right fit, and right position for long, comfortable, exhilarating workouts.

6. Detailed computer

People love being able to track all the metrics of their workouts, and the computer that comes with this bike delivers. Just like the high end bikes you can find at the gym, this bike measures watts, speed, time, RPM, and calories.


  • Easy to assemble
  • SPD compatible pedals. Hybrid
  • Quiet like premium spin bikes
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Handlebars can be adjusted up, down, forward, backward
  • Detailed computer


  • Monitor battery issues
  • Handlebar issues for tall people
  • iPad app resets progress if you take a break
  • Bottle holder in the way of computer
  • Issue with handlebar slide being bent
  • Overpriced

Who should NOT buy this Spin Bike?

Casual, or uncommitted shoppers on a budget. This is certainly higher priced than most spin bikes, and some have said you can get more from other bikes for the same money. If you’re not passionate about cycling indoors, we recommend going with a lower cost option.

Cyclists will love being able to clip into the hybird pedals the Ironman X-Class 510 comes with. And while there are other options out there for cyclists looking for a spin bike this one will likely satisfy them.

Who SHOULD buy this Spin Bike?

If you’re looking for a high quality experience but don’t want to spend more than $1500 then this would be a great option for you. As we listed above, it isn’t perfect, but 4+ star rating means it’s satisfying most customers who buy it.

Spinner Sprint Review

The Spinner Sprint bike is solid mid-priced spin bike featuring a fantastic Q-Factor which is great for serious cyclists that spend a lot of time in the saddle. 

The bike ban be a bit difficult to get sturdy and some people have complained about the bike being wobbly. 

But this is something that can be fixed with a bit of attention and tightening up of parts.

What We Didn't Like

1. Computer doesnt tell you RPMs

One customer complained that the computer provided with the Spinner Sprint SPin bike doesn’t show you RPMs. This isn’t a huge downside, and one of the few complaints we were able to find about the bike. The reviewer that brought this up gave the bike 5 stars.

2. Might need to adjust the chain

Customers have mentioned that you may need to adjust the chain if you notice it grinding against the chain cover. If this happens simply call customer service and they will walk you through getting it fixed.

3. Can be a bit wobbly

While some have complained about the bike itself being a bit wobbly this is likely due to to improper assembly rather than an issue with the bike itself. If you purchase this bike and find that it is wobbly we recommend tightening everything up and then testing it out again. If it’s still wobbly, consider the surface it’s on. For example if you put the bike directly on carpet, then yes it will be more wobbly. If you move it to a harder surface then it will be less wobbly. If these suggestions don’t help give customer service a call and they will work with you to find a better solution.

What We Did Like

1. Great for short people

This bike differs from the Keiser M3 because customer who are short have praised it specifically for being a good bike for short people. As you can see from the Bikes design ist’s considerably different than the Premium Keiser bikes and the design, while more traditional, lends itself to being used well by short people.

2. Good customer service

The Spinning and Mad Dogg customer service is mentioned numerous times in reviews of this bike as being very helpful. Rest assured that if you purchase this bike, and any issues arise you will be able to get fast help.

3. Great Q-Factor (good for professional cyclists)

Q Factor is important for dedicated cyclists who are interested in long, intense workouts on their cycles. In contrast to the Keise M3, the Spinner Sprint has a much lower Q factor (~155) allowing for more efficient pedaling and lower the risk for knee injury.


  • Great for short people
  • Good customer service
  • Great Q-Factor (155)


  • Computer doesn't tell you RPMs
  • Might need to adjust chain
  • Can be wobbly

Who should NOT buy this Spin Bike?

This spin bike has the highest average customer review of any of the spin bikes in this buying guide. With a total of 9 reviews , and only one of them being a 4 star, rather than a 5 star, review we’re not sure who wouldn’t be satisfied with this purchase.

There a couple of factors that may turn you away however. It is higher priced than most spin bikes. While not a premium bike, it is between $500-$1000, and that may put it outside of most people’s budget. It is also not the highest quality bike you can find. So if you insist on having the best we recommend going elsewhere.

Who SHOULD buy this Spin Bike?

If you can afford the Spinner Sprint then we say go for it. Make the purchase. With only one 4 star review (the rest are 5 stars), it is very likely you will be happy with your purchase. It is a mid range spin bike, made by a reputable company, consistently good customer service, and great reviews!

Sunny Health & Fitness Heavy Duty Chain Drive - SF-B1516 Review

The SF-B1516 Heavy Duty Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike made by Sunny Health & Fitness is a great bike for the price. Priced between $300 and $500, this spin cycle has some exceptional reviews and very few complaints. This is a great bike for someone who doesn’t need a top of the line, commercial grade spinner, but wants a quality well-built machine without spending a fortune.

What We Didn't Like

1. It's noisy

This is a chain driven bike, so some noise is to be expected. Reviewers reported that it does make a clicking noise which is normal with a chain drive. It is not a loud noise and can easily be masked with music or television. Noise can also be reduced by properly aligning the flywheel and tightening the chain.​

2. Rough pedaling​

One reviewer complained of an issue with rough pedaling when used at slow speeds. This could be due to too much tension and may be alleviated by adjusting the resistance.

The bike does have a 40 pound flywheel which is designed to reduce jerky, out of control movements. The heavier flywheel means that it can take more of an effort to get the wheel turning and it also takes more to slow it down than it would with a lighter wheel. This could be what caused the roughness felt at slower speeds.

3. No computer​

​This bike does not come with any electronics and cannot track distance, speed, workout time or calories burned. However, you could purchase a bike computer that attaches to the bike to record your data which can be found for under $100. Some of the wearable fitness monitors may also offer an acceptable solution.

4. Pedal confusion​

There was some confusion as to the type of pedals included with this bike. It is unclear in the pictures if the pedals are compatible with clip-in cycling shoes however the manufacturer description does confirm that the pedals are CAGE/SPD-like, providing both comfort and versatility. The pedals are attached to a simple to remove crank system which allows for easy repairs. All it takes is the turn of a screw to replace the cranks.​

What We Did Like

1. Great value for the price

One of the top praises for this bike is that it is a great value for the price. Many of the commercial spin bikes available start at pricing closer to $1000 and go up from there. This is one of the few commercial bikes of high quality for much less than the normal $1000 entry price.

The SF-B1516 Heavy Duty Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is marketed for both home and fitness studio use. Despite its relatively low price, it is a solidly built bike that can withstand the demands of frequent use in both a home and a gym environment.

2. Easy to assemble​

Reviewers all agreed that one of the best features of the bike was ease of assembly. Some components come already assembled and what is left should not take much more than an hour to complete. One reviewer was even able to put it together in under twenty minutes. It comes with an instruction manual that is easy to follow, but many people were able to assemble it without referring to the instructions. All of the tools required to complete the assembly are included.

It is recommended that you have someone to assist you with the assembly due to the weight of the flywheel. The overall weight of the bike once assembled is over 100 pounds, but it does have wheels to help ease transport if it needs to be moved after you have put it together. With the wheels at the front of the bike, simply tilt up the back end and roll the bike to a new location.

3. Well built​

​The reviews consistently included comments about how well built this spin cycle is. The handlebars and seat are tightly secured and do not move around while you’re riding. The pedals can withstand your full weight when you transition to a standing position for hill workouts. Overall it provides a solid ride that can withstand long workouts, multiple times a week.


  • Great value for the price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality build


  • It's noisy
  • Rough pedaling
  • No computer
  • Pedal issues generally

Who should NOT buy this Spin Bike?

If you are looking for a high end, gym quality bike with all the bells and whistles, this is not the bike you should buy. Because of its lower price tag, some of the common extras are not included. While it does have a water bottle holder, there are no other accessories like a computer or magazine holder.

It is also known to be a little noisier than some other bikes. This may pose a problem if you want something that is quiet and won’t disturb others while you are working out.

Who SHOULD buy this Spin Bike?

This bike is perfect if you are looking for ease of assembly and want something more affordable than your standard commercial grade studio bike. Although the price tag on the SF-B1516 Heavy Duty Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is reasonable, it does not sacrifice where it counts – you get a strong frame, a heavy flywheel and multi-use handlebars.

The seat is fully adjustable for any rider; simply use the knobs to move the seat up or down and backward or forward. It’s important to note that the lowest seat setting is 29.5 inches and the highest is 40 inches.

It’s a good bike for both beginners and more experienced cyclists. The intensity knob allows you to easily control the resistance while riding. You can increase or decrease the resistance depending on your fitness level.

The SF-B1516 Heavy Duty Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike makes up for its lack of features with its relatively smooth ride, quality, and durability. With nothing less than four stars, all of the reviewers were extremely pleased with their purchase and recommended this bike as a great deal that will provide you with many quality workouts.

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike - SF-B1423 Review

The SF-B1423 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike made by Sunny Health & Fitness is a well-designed bike at a value price. It offers everything you need to get a gym-quality workout in the privacy of your own home. Whether you are short or tall, it’s completely adjustable for a customized fit and comfortable workout.

What We Didn't Like

1. Does not have clipless pedals

​The SF-B1423 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike comes with standard foot cage pedals. While these work great to keep your feet in place while wearing gym shoes, most reviewers prefer to wear cycling shoes and needed the clipless SPD pedals. It is easy to swap out the pedals but it is an extra expense. If this is your preference, be sure to include that cost when you are comparing the price of this bike to others.

2. Cheap computer​

The cyclometer that comes with the bike is very basic as it does not have a backlight and does not measure RPMs. A few of the reviewers reported that it stopped working completely within a few days of using the bike.

Some reviewers reported comparing the readout from their computer to their wearable fitness computers and found that the statistics did not match up. Others had issues with the computer showing them traveling at impossibly high speeds and excessive distances. Unfortunately, there is no way to calibrate the computer.

3. Not sweat resistant​

If you don’t take the time to wipe this cycle down after a sweaty workout it is very likely to begin rusting. Reviewers complained that bolts and other parts developed rust after a few weeks of workouts that produced heavy sweat. Others noticed rust on the frame coming through the paint.

Sweat was also blamed as the reason for some of the computer malfunctions. Users suspect the computers are not waterproof and the sweat caused them to short out.

4. Parts need frequent tightening​

​Many reviewers reported unusual noises after a few uses and found the noises would stop if the various bolts and parts were tightened. If you do not regularly check the bike and tighten loose bolts, it is susceptible to parts falling off. Multiple users reported noise coming from the pedals and a few even had the pedals fall off. This was easily fixed with a screwdriver and did not compromise the function of the bike once it was fixed.

What We Did Like

1. Affordable

The reviewers who were happy with the SF-B1423 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike purchased it because of its affordable price. This bike is available for under $300 and usually ships for free. You may not expect a bike at this price to come with any extras but it does include a water bottle holder and computer which are nice accessories to have if you are serious about your spin workout.

It also comes with a 40 pound flywheel. Heavier flywheels produce a smoother ride and this is something that is more often seen in higher priced commercial spin cycles. The ride is smooth and quiet during all resistance settings.

2. Belt drive is quiet​

One of the features that people often pay a premium for is the belt drive. Again, this is a nice feature for a bike of this price because the belt drive makes for a quieter ride. Reviewers reported that this bike is extremely quiet except for a slight wind noise produced by the flywheel.

Another benefit to having the belt drive is that it does not need to be periodically cleaned and oiled like a chain drive.

3. Easily assembled and adjusted​

Users agreed that this spin cycle is easy to assemble. It comes with a clear instruction manual and all the tools necessary. Most of the bike is pre-assembled and the rest comes together easily. It should not take more than an hour to have it completely put together.

Once the bike is assembled it is easy to adjust to create a custom fit. Both the handlebars and seat can be raised and lowered to accommodate different heights and body types.

Another benefit is the ease of moving this bike once it is put together. It comes with front wheels that allow you to tip it and roll it. It can be assembled in one place and then easily moved to your preferred workout location.


  • Affordable
  • Belt drive is quiet
  • Easily assembled and adjusted


  • Does not have clipless pedals
  • Cheap computer
  • Not sweat resistant
  • Parts need frequent tightening

Who should NOT buy this Spin Bike?

If you are looking for a gym quality bike that does not require any maintenance, this is not the best bike for you. Because of the rust issues, you will need to wipe the bike down after every ride. There is also the issue of bolts and parts coming loose which means you should inspect the bike before riding for safety reasons. Although tightening the bolts is an easy fix, it's an added step that you might not have the time and patience for.

If you are thinking of spending the extra money on this bike because of its computer, you might want to choose a cheaper bike without accessories and use the money you saved to purchase a better cyclometer. The reviews on the computer concur that its performance is lackluster at best and it is likely to die after a few uses.

Who SHOULD buy this Spin Bike?

If your priority is an affordable spin bike, the SF-B1423 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike fits the bill. Reviewers were impressed with its performance and stability compared to other bikes at the same price point. You will also save money with the free shipping which sometimes isn’t available for larger, heavier products like spin cycles.

With its easy assembly, you can quickly put this bike together by yourself and you won’t need to search for any extra tools. Once you customize the handlebars and the seat, you’ll be spinning and sweating in no time.

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